Braces for Lyca - Part 1

Parents always have big dreams for their children.  When a child has special needs however, those dreams tend to be diminished in number and greatness.  I can be wrong though, because a lot of blind children become accomplished or great persons when they grow up.  I now have different thoughts from the time I started writing this. I am now thinking, why should I think of limited dreams for Lyca? We planned to sell our piano but what if it will help Lyca become a great pianist someday even with a very weak left hand? She might be multi-handicapped due to her cerebral palsy and blindness, but only God knows what is in store for her. 

My main dream for Lyca used to be for her to be seizure-free.  Though we don’t notice her experiencing obvious seizures nowadays, that should still be verified with an EEG she has to undergo soon. I’ve dreamed she would also be able to walk and talk someday, but I knew those were really big dreams so maybe I should tackle the “hows” one at a time.

The rehab doctor confirmed that Lyca will need braces for her legs and another braces for her scoliosis. I will focus my time to accomplishing these two needs this coming month of April. She will also need a wheelchair. By the time I write the Part 2 of this post, Lyca should already be wearing braces. In the meantime, the video here will show Lyca supported by me (in green) throughout their presentation, unlike the other blind kids beside her who could walk on their own.

Another dream that will help support all our dreams for Lyca is for us to finally get the right bedspacers for us to have additional regular income. I'm hoping that can be very soon too.


New hopes for Lyca

We just came from a check-up with a rehab doctor that was referred by the neurologist looking after Lyca, our special child. Lyca might need braces for both her legs and lower torso. I hope this is still an early stage since she is still growing, and she's growing fast.

I can envision Lyca's legs straightened by the braces later, her steps normal. When that happens she'll be able to carry her upper body thus her scoliosis can be corrected. I know that can be very hard for me and my husband in the beginning, but that will make our lives easier later. Lyca and us, her family, will be happier when that time comes.


It's Harvest Time!

I used to dream of a garden full of orchids and I even blogged about it in 2008 in this same blog. A person's dreams change over the years and this is one of those dreams because my dream now is to have a garden with healthy vegetables.

I've started experimenting with a few vegetables more than a month ago, and this is now the time to harvest!

 The mustard leaves are ready but there was just one stalk I experimented on so its leaves alone won't be enough for one "sinigang" recipe, but the "alugbati", a local spinach is ready as well, so I've picked some of its leaves for my "mongo soup".

I've planted "pechay" in bulk (I didn't know how to plant it when I started) and it's almost ready to be harvested too.

My next target vegetables to be planted are tomato and lettuce. If I will be successful harvesting these two, then that will be enough for me to say that my "Vegetable Garden" dream was fulfilled!


Decluttering and Preparing for Christmas - Part 2

This is a post I am obliged to write before the end of this year since there was a Part 1. The time was not enough for even 50% decluttering of what was on the list in my mind but so many revelations appeared to tell me the kind of "decluttering" that are more important. It started when my husband and I heard mass during the first Sunday of the month of December which is the First Sunday of Advent. Each Sunday of Advent was explained by the priest during the Homily and that made me realize how to continue my "decluttering" project at this time of the year.

I realized that when the First Sunday of Advent has come, I should start preparing the house for the coming of a "Guest of Honor", our Saviour Jesus Christ. I was inspired by that thought so decluttering whatever I can continued coupled with thorough cleaning, the "thorough" not part of the original plan. By the time I lit the "pink candle" during the Third Sunday of Advent, the house was ready. The "pink candle" is a symbol of joy signifying that the coming of Jesus Christ is very near. The presence of Jesus Christ as an objective in the project helped me declutter not only the house but my mind and spirit as well, though I will need a "decluttering maintenance" since some problems crop up from time to time.

So what were my accomplishments so far aside from those I've already mentioned? I've dug some magazines I can sell later and have started an inventory. I've even started a website where I can sell my books and magazines. I was hoping to include a link here but there are so many things to still be considered like including the mailing rates in the price of the books, etc.

I also needed to perform some "decluttering" of my negative thoughts like "if I couldn't sell my books and magazines where will I get the budget for our food?", so I've started to plant vegetables in our small garden in front of the house where I can easily protect the plants from pets. My "alugbati" (a type of spinach?) is now growing, I have one mustard plant, and a lot of baby pechays. They were all experimental so I will be adding more if I will be successful.

Some people are afraid to think about starting to declutter because it can cause some stress since it would mean some changes that have to be undergone in the process. But isn't a big change is what most of us wanted our government and the world to accomplish? I was so lucky that I've decided to start this dream project just in time to also prepare for Christmas because I had the best inspiration, our Saviour Jesus Christ. For others, it just occurred to me that the time is also right to start because in no time, the Holy Week is here. The more we should be inspired because we will be reminded why He was born in the first place, which was to save us. He sacrificed and died on the cross to save mankind.


A Free Brand New Family Car!

A brand new car is almost everyone’s dream and although it was my dream too, I’ve never included it in my Dreams List because I knew it wasn’t possible. We got used to buying second hand cars and each that we bought was always good enough.

Well, I’m so excited to say now that I can own a free brand new Avanza family car! That was made possible by our leaders in Tiens, who have suggested to the board of Tiens Group to include that incentive for the Asia Pacific Tiens distributors who have reached the top basic rank, which is 8-star!

But wait, I’m not yet there! I’m just a 6-star distributor who couldn’t go out of the house for network marketing. I have a special child to bring to school and therapies almost everyday, and a family to look after. The latter, was the main reason why I became a 6-star, however. Through Tiens, I tried to learn everything that will help my family’s health and wellness. I learned how to use the "Tong Bao" or Tiens Acupoint Treasure, and just a few more seminars and experiences and I can be considered a TCM principle expert.

Aside from becoming a TCM principle expert (not really a TCM practitioner expert because that will entail me to become an expert in acupuncture, Tai Chi, etc.), my goal the coming year, 2014, is to become a 7-star, and that should happen before the annual awarding of incentives by Tiens in August. I won't have the car yet (sigh) but as a promoted 7-star, I will be awarded with a free trip incentive I may choose among three places and they are China, Australia or Holy Land. It might take time for me to become an 8-star and get the free Avanza car valued at US$15,000 and that is possible with the help of my friends and relatives, and if you’re one of them, I won’t be ashamed to ask you now to help me achieve this dream, be a member of my group if you’re not yet a Tiens member, because you will be helping your family in the long run and also get your own free brand new family car, or even a luxury car like BMW or Mercedes Benz if you have time to invite people around the globe to join you in Tiens and you'd belong to the Honorary ranks as a result.

Before I can get the free Avanza car incentive, you know what should happen to my downlines who are mostly my relatives and friends who have helped me take care of my family and who took care of their family too through Tiens products? They would already be entitled to a free trip of their choice among the three places I've mentioned for those promoted to 7-star, while those promoted from 4-star to 5-star will get a free trip to Malaysia or Singapore. Those promoted to 6-star will get the free Honda motorcycle incentive valued at US$1,500. If any of the 4-stars will be promoted to 5-star then to 6-star the same year, then they'll get the free trip to Malaysia or Singapore, and also the Honda motorcycle.

The requirement is so easy, just be an active member or distributor of Tiens by purchasing products equivalent to the required "business volume" of your rank every month. A 3-star for example, may just purchase a Tiens herbal toothpaste or one pack of Airiz sanitary napkin with negative ion every month, these two products both less than Php300. For a 6-star like me, I will schedule to purchase Tiens Cordyceps, Tiens Zinc and Tiens Cordycafe which will amount to less than Php3,000 per month and I will still get 28% rebates from these products, and also get rebates equivalent to 4% to 24% from the purchases of my downlines, depending on their rank (the higher their rank, the smaller I get but the faster I will be promoted).

For more information about the products of Tiens and our group, please click here which has the URL of the website I have created for my group and center my sister and I called "Haus of Youth". I will always be updating this website to make up for my physical absence.

I will always be here "in the cloud" though not at all times to chat with people, but don’t forget that God too is in the cloud and everywhere at all times, listening to everyone's dreams! It's me, Lubel/Malu/Malui/Lulubelle/Luisa/Luvell


Decluttering and Preparing for Christmas - Part 1

The "Decluttering Dream" I introduced in my previous post (last month) is indeed a big one, I realized. But it is something that should be started and maintained so there will be a smooth flow of energy in the immediate surroundings of a person. Good results will follow because there will also be a smooth flow of energy inside the body, mind and spirit.

I am so glad that I have just converted a negative forecast into a positive outcome because I was motivated to do this decluttering project based on a Feng Shui warning on my susceptibility to illness this month, then I was blessed to suddenly see a book with tips on decluttering that will help ward off illnesses since it will result to a smooth flow of energy, like I mentioned earlier.

I started by removing the big center table from the Southeast location of our bedroom which is my sign's location as well as my husband's (Snake and Dragon). My location should be free from clutter, says the warning. Clutter is hard to remove from a bedroom but as long as they are organized in functional containers, they will be put to use as expected and will no longer be called clutter. Of course those that are no longer used among the family members' clothes and shoes should be given away. Next was what to place on the center table that I transferred to the living room. I've coincided my preparation for Christmas with my rearranging of pieces of furniture so a few Christmas decors were placed on the table, and this time, it was early enough for me to look for Advent candles. Some clutters are not bad, according to the book, like the photo albums mostly of my children that I open once in a while, an activity that makes me feel good, so they were retained on the lower part of the center table.

On the wall between our bedroom and the living room are some of my favorite things, like the graduation portraits of my son and daughter, mother and child wall carving, a small frame for family pictures, the wall clock that I cross stitched, then on top of the piano is the family of three sheep figurine which symbolizes a happy family, and since it is Christmas, my favorite house covered with snow which serves as our overnight lamp. This area, I always frame with Christmas garlands every Christmas. Christmas lights on the garland will be installed next month.

Not much change in the dining area where Mama Mary's altar is and the kitchen, except for the Christmas motif which included poinsettia flowers. Of course more chipped glass wares were discarded. I had my lesson on that because I got a cut for not discarding a chipped one.

There are still a lot of decluttering to be done in the living area since we just have a small house. Some are doable while some might remain a dream for a long time. Like the books on the display cabinet that I have to sell hopefully in the near future, perhaps some of the movies in DVDs that my husband collected though I know they are really very good movies just like the "South Pacific" we watched while I was shooting the photos here. My dream to replace the "fat screen" we had was fulfilled when we sold the lot my husband co-owned with his sister, and now my dream is to replace the "fat amplifiers" that overpower the Christmas decors at Christmas. I guess I will retain my slim Christmas tree forever, so it's the size of the electronics that have to be reduced, except for the screen of course.


The "Decluttering" Dream

I guess I'm the type of person who gets easily bored with things that stay the way they are, and perhaps that applies to people also but in rare cases. I am fond of rearranging things or pieces of furniture at home, thinking that will eliminate the existing clutter until I feel the change developed some clutter again so that means it is time to rearrange again. When that happens, I hope to trash some items.

If there is one very good reason why I believe in Feng Shui and follow its rules, that is to be able to implement effective decluttering or rearranging at all times. I'm about to rearrange some pieces of furniture again and I have two good reasons why I should do that now. Feng Shui forewarned about my susceptibility to illness this coming period (October 8 - November 6), and I knew that the first thing and maybe the best thing that I should do is to declutter my Feng Shui location which is Southeast, and which is my husband's location too (for Snake and Dragon), or our bedroom. The second reason is something expected because Christmas season is fast approaching. This season always makes me a happier person, because I always enjoy festive objects or colors, and also blinking lights. It's about time I return the big center table which I transferred to our bedroom, to the living room.

I feel blessed because just yesterday, I found a Feng Shui book by Lillian Too titled "168 Feng Shui Ways to Declutter Your Home". That means what I am about to do is just an initial task of a big project or dream.


Unsung hero: the Underground River boatman

We had a very pleasant tour to the Underground River in Palawan, thanks to Raffy Rafales, the boatman who was the tour guide at the same time.

With Raffy's wit and humor, he could have gone far in any career that he chooses, but he chose to remain a boatman, entertaining his passengers during the tour to the Underground River. His punch lines would make every spot of the Underground River memorable to his passengers. Whether or not there was a script to be followed by all the boat men of the Underground River, Raffy's delivery was so spontaneous and we the passengers could feel his willingness to entertain to give us a wonderful tour.

Raffy said he had a dream which would make him own a yacht someday, but it seems he found a greater dream as a boatman and tour guide for the Underground River, perhaps not for himself, but for the Filipino people and the Philippines in general.

Thank you Raffy, for the tour that we your passengers will never forget, and will always cherish as long as we live.


Follow the Master

When I was attending the art workshops of Mr. Fernando Sena, Philippine's "Father of Art Workshops", I believed I could be good using any medium, except watercolor. But the works of the master, Mr. Sena, like his work in watercolor shown here, inspire me not to stop dreaming that there will come a time I can do a good art piece using watercolor.

My talent in drawing was discovered in grade school when we had a project to make a scrapbook of the different kinds of birds. which became one of my favorite subjects in painting like the one I did using pastel in my photo with the master, and the parrots where I used pentel pens during Mr. Sena's workshop. He had always guided his students, pointing out what is lacking in our works, or what were the mistakes we made.

Let this "big dream" of following my master to make a beautiful watercolor painting be added to my Dreams List. Perhaps another dream which I believe I share with many artists, is for Mr. Sena to soon be a National Artist. Let that dream be written in the universe' list of dreams and be fulfilled!


A Brand New Career

I wonder if a person who is considered a senior citizen would still dream of a new career. That can be too late. But if that new career can help a person maintain a good health and young looks, why not?

At this point in time, I'm not yet that senior citizen but pretty soon I will belong to their club, LOL! So it is just right for me to be prepared for that very challenging phase of life, as if I'm having a brand new career. Can you guess what kind of career would that be? It is similar to a career in culinary arts, but there is a major difference between the two because I am referring to preparing raw healthy foods, that is, juicing vegetables aside from preparing salads from them. I'd like to enhance that career soon by preparing my own oils too.

Using a multi-purpose juicer, the first vegetable juice that I've prepared was a Wheatgrass Medley juice and my first trial seemed perfect. For the 50 grams of wheatgrass, I added one half of big Fuji apple, half of a big cucumber, a long stalk of celery and about 5 stalks of parsley. The wheatgrass may be replaced with spinach, but the taste of course is more "leafy" but still good!

I am excited with this new career, I never thought I would call it a career but it is indeed a career because a lot has to be learned.

(First photo of juice shown used wheatgrass while second photo of juice used spinach, both with other ingredients mentioned above.)

(Malunggay juice using 100 grams of malunggay leaves with 200 grams of fresh pineapple.)